Texas is one big state. It’s big in homeschooling too.  And I quote from a page on Texas homeschooling:

Homeschooling in Texas

Hi, my name is Alison, and I am the Time4Learning state representative for Texas. I am Texas born and raised, never lived anywhere else.  I am mom to three kids, two bohttp:// (14 and 13) and a girl (11).  I’m also mom to five very spoiled cats.  I work from home, which is what was the final enabler to homeschooling.  I live with my great-grandfather and we (my kids and I) take care of him.  I’m also working on finishing my degree, which is slow going…half-time at best.

Texas provides one of the best opportunities for freedom in homeschooling. I like being able to follow our own path without having to get “permission” from anyone for the subjects/studies we choose to do.

Texas basically has no real requirements for homeschooling. We are not required to make any notification, have our curriculum approved, submit to standardized testing, or make any reports to the authorities. The only notification we’ve ever made was when I formally withdrew my kids from the public schools, I showed up with a letter (which I received the template from HSLDA) and indicated I wished to withdraw them. In the case of my daughter I was (probably not required but I did it anyway) requested to meet with her teacher and the administrator of the school….

If you have more questions about homeschooling in Texas, or want to learn more about our experiences in the state, you can find me in the Texas State Forum.

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