Learn about getting a Graduate Degree in Education

A career in teaching has many advantages: steady employment, several months vacation, interesting work, and increasingly, a wide variety of career opportunities thru the high growth industry of online learning. Many of these opportunities allow people to work-from-home.”
A Degree in Education for Homeschooling – “A degree in teaching for teaching homeschool” is shifting from an oxymoron to a viable concept.  As the teaching in homeschool shifts to providing a broad and sophisticated education and the homeschool community grows, the nature of the “teachers” are also changing. Many parents are taking advanced courses in education to better educate their own children, to help others in the homeschool community, and to advance their own careers.
I’d advise getting involved in homeschooling community discussing highschool.   They also have a section on college admissions for homeschooled students.
Homeschoolling  has shifted from a fringe situation to a mainstream choice as around 1-2% of the population is now homeschooling.

Careers in Education – Across the nation, teaching careers appeal increasingly appealing in terms of stability and growth potential. Many schools systems are now experimenting with higher salaries for effective and fully credentialed teachers. Additionally, the growth in tutoring and distance learning is creating an array of new career opportunities in education.


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