I run an online interactive learning service and spend much of each day speaking to homeschoolers.  I love hearing the stories of why they decided to homeschool. While some families knew that they wanted to homeschool from the start, it appears to me that most homeschooling families are what I would call “accidental homeschoolers.”  This is even more likely to be true with parents of children with special learning challenges.

“Accidental homeschoolers” is a term that I created for those families that initially put their children in traditional schools: public, private, or parochial. They expected that their kids would go through a traditional school experience. They found that their children and their institutional school choices were not a formula for success.  Often the family had a series of meetings with the schools and sometimes they changed teachers or even schools a few times.

At some point, many families conclude that the only way to do the best thing for their child is to stop trying to get the institutions to accommodate their child’s special combination of talents and needs.  They decide to try to take responsibility for their child’s education in a homeschooling context and another accidental homeschooling journey is launched.
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There are extremely interesting stories to read about and share.

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