Homeschoolers are a diverse group. But homeschoolers do share a few vital characteristics….

A determination to provide the best for your children!

A sense that life has more possibilities than those found by following the crowd!

A personal involvement in educating your child!


A need for some help in putting together an optimal education for each child!
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Most parents start homeschooling with a clear sense of the lessons they want to teach their children. And while that vision remains, most home school parents become immersed in the reality of the learning needs of their children. Each one is different and each one evolves. While remaining highly principled, most parents become somewhat eclectic in their use of curriculum and learning tools as they discover what works best to homeschool their children

We recommend….
Online Homeschool Curriculum by Time4Learning
A continuous stream of lessons & learning activities

Children progress at their own pace
It’s Time 4 Learning. And Fun!
Let them enjoy Online Homeschool Curriculum

We strongly recommend that parents take advantage of online communities to discuss their situation. Here is a great community if you are an eclectic non-religious homeschooler.  Here is a community for you or your students are interested in homeschooling highschool, or how should homeschoolers plan for college.


Let your children explore and play, safely

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Parenting in an electronic


CompassLearning(tm) Odyssey
Time4Learning provides this premier
educational system adapted to homeschool needs

The Reading Skills Pyramid
illustrates how the NCLB Act
envisages the acquisition
of the key reading skills

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Homeschool Curriculum

Saxon Math, A Beka Math,Singapore Math

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