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Gifted Children deserve accelerated or advanced challenges.

Autism-Aspergers – An overview with resources

Audio Books for Kids – Listen to books in the car while teaching language art skills as a family

Keyboarding – Typing Courses – Todays skills for todays learners

Master Degree in Education – Learn more to teach your own kids or as a career, its the hottest work-from-home job!

Homeschool Organization – The secret behind our successes and, ahem, failures is often how we organize our homeschool day. Or how we don’t organize it, over-organize it, or mis-organize. Some thughts on organizing the homeschool day.

Homeschool Facts – The fact is, you are not alone. Over 2% of todays K-12 American students are being homeschooled. Find out how mainstream we are.

Homeschooling Online – We explore the juncture of the 3% of the population that is now homeschooling and the 90% of the kids that like to learn using the computer.

The History of Homeschooling – Quick quality review of modern homeschooling.

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Homeschool Elementary Learning Online

Learn Reading Math Online

Educational Teaching Games

Middle school

The Reading Skills Pyramid

Learn the Math Facts

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