Audio Books , Family Times, & Reading Comprehension.

Listening to Audio Books in the car together provides a great opportunity for parents to read and discuss literature with their children. You can both develop reading comprehension skills and use it to launch discussions of other questions such as ethics, values, or psychology that are raised in the literature. I have been through many classics in the car with my children and have transformed previously dull driving time into a very worthwhile time for all of us.
Reading comprehension skills separates the “passive” unskilled reader from the “active” readers. Skilled readers don’t just read, they interact with the text. To help a beginning reader understand this concept, you might make them privy to the dialogue readers have with themselves while reading.

Skilled readers, for instance:
  1. Predict what will happen next in a story using clues presented in text
  2. Create questions about the main idea, message, or plot of the text
  3. Monitor understanding of the sequence, context, or characters
  4. Clarify parts of the text which have confused them
  5. Connect the events in the text to prior knowledge or experience
To give your child a window into the self-monitoring that skilled readers engage in as they read, demonstrate them while you listen with them. Periodically stop the story and ask questions demonstrating one of the skills above.

If you are reading a confusing passage, stop and say, “I didn’t understand that. Did you?” And after listening to their interpretation, say: “Interesting, Let’s check and read this part again.” Reread the passage and then discuss your new understanding.
To learn more how Comprehension fits into the overall sequence of learning to read successfully, look at the The Reading Skills Pyramid. It illustrates the five key areas in becoming a proficient reader: phonemic awareness (prereading skills), phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.
Time4Learning teaches comprehension skills in a number of ways. There are exercises which helps students develop skills in approaching, reading, and interpreting text. To develop reading skills or learn more about Time4Learning or to sign-up for a membership.

Has car time with the kids turned into a nightmare? Are you thinking of installing a dvd in the car just to get some peace?Heres a better idea…..

Listening to books in the car totally transforms the car family experience. It turns boring car time into useful fun family time.  But thats not all!!!
Use the stories as a springboard to discuss philosophy, your values, religious,their experiences, and to develop reading comprehension skills.

There are a variety of ways to get audio books. They can be bought or rented. You can get them on tape, MP3, or CD.


“I spend alot of time in the car between driving them to school, baseball practice, church activities. It was a nightmare with fighting and whatnot.We just listened to a series of books. Most recently, the Trumpeter Swan.I used it to talk about family relationships and I was astonished to see how much children understood about their father and me which I had no idea about”

Mother – Houston TX

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