An ADD/ADHD Case Study

My experiences with attention deficit disorder – ADD/ADHD
– Single Mother – Coral Springs Florida

My daughter , age 8, is very bright. But the teachers ask if she is ADD/ADHD. She
was having a lot of difficulties focusing and concentrating on her homework and
classroom assignments. The teachers automatically diagnosed her as ADD/ADHD.
I researched ADD/ADHD and found:

– ADD means that she has difficulty staying focused and that her attention wanders.

– ADHD means that in addition to being ADD, she is hyperactive.

The causes and treatments of ADD/ADHD are the subject of a great deal of controversy.
The school, without really worrying about the root cause or even distinguishing
between ADD/ADHD, recommended that she “be diagnosed and treated quickly”. This
apparently means going to an ADD/ADHD specialist and getting her put on the ADD/ADHD

Some of my friends argued that ADD/ADHD is being used as a medical label for
todays every day reality. They say that ADD/ADHD is simply that children do not
learn to focus on slow, boring, or difficult tasks. Todays children are brought
up with hyper-stimulating video games and TV do not develop their self discipline
and internal buffers to stay focused. So todays children are pushed towards ADD/ADHD.
That is, the standard of stimulation that they get used to and the shorter time
modules that they get used to working with, does not develop “attention skills”

…More later on:
– diagnosing ADD/ADHD
– adult ADD/ADHD
– the pressure towards ADD/ADHD drugs
– Different understandings of ADD/ADHD
– Alternative interpretations of ADD/ADHD
– My case study with ADD/ADHD
– Behavioral solutions to ADD/ADHD
– Cognitive approaches to ADD/ADHD
– Homeschooling on ADD/ADHD
– ADD/ADHD and single parenting
– ADD/ADHD and over crowded public schools
– Curing ADD/ADHD
– ADD/ADHD and modern media.

Two sets of commentary to note, not exactly about add/adhd…

1. Learning & Fun. For Everyone

(in fact, the most recent article in the blog is relevent to ADD/ADHD)

2. (definitely off topic for add/adhd)

3. I’ve heard that online learning word games can be suprisingly helpful in helping these kids control distractions and focus on word development. Here’s some great word games to consider:  word unscramblewordfindhangman onlineonline crossword puzzle, keyboard practice ,handwriting practice worksheets, and writing practice activities. Also, word and literature concepts can work such as Analogy Games
Antonym Games
Compound Word Games
Hig Pig Games
Homophone Games
Idioms Games
Latin Learning Games
Oxymoron Games
Parts of Speech Games
Phonics Games
Prefix Games
Root Word Games
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Syllable Games
Synonym Games

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